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Snart feechure
So I got a lot of art for my birthday last week, and I thought I'd thank everyone who was so sweet to gift me?? Like honestly fight me right now, sucker. 
Anyways, I'm also going to be featuring other AMAZING art that I've gotten, so please check out and love on every one of these beautiful pieces!

I adore the coloring in this one! It's so vibrant and bouncy, and the shading looks like it took SO MUCH WORK! I love the attention to detail, like the candles on the cake matching Gummy's horn. Brilliant! 

My girl did done it again, she made me cry with an insanely quality piece of art. She spoils me, so go bombard her gallery with good comments because she deserves it. <3 
I love the expressions in this so much like Boogeyman's YELLING MOUTH and those nice stylized chompers, and the coloring looks so NICE AHHH! The artistic liberties taken here too are just awesome, and it really lets the style shine. (Can't get
:iconjanegumball:JaneGumball 4 6
Ramshackle Comic
Ok so I know I've been posting Ramshackle comics here occasionally, but I've been wanting to make it into a legitimate webcomic for quite a long time... So I'm happy to say the "official" intro arc is finally in the works!!!
The comic is going to be mostly strips after the intro, with occasional episode arcs thrown in. Don't really think there's gonna be an overarching plot or anything but we'll see how I feel lol.
And I'll have a site for it just like all the cool webcomic kids :'^) Once it's going though, I really do hope that no one takes it too seriously because it's literally just a bunch of inside jokes and random weird shit that pops into my brain.
It's not gonna be released for a while because I'm still in the thumbnail stage and there's school/life stuff to worry about, but it is definitely happening!!! Hobo adventures are ahead and I hope y'all are excited :D I won't be posting anything
:iconzeddyzi:Zeddyzi 4 14
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This shout box has been too dead. Time to fix that.
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Guess who's shouting in her own box. Me!
Mon Jun 10, 2013, 6:39 PM



(Back then they were younger and NOT rivals)
Yes :| Rubin has a twin  (Jefferson Collin NOT shown here) brother but he ALSO has a younger brother, Sid Collin or in the future he  named changed  himself "Nickels" and "Voodoo Eight"
Their mother (Amelia Collin) was Caucasian  and father (Edgar Collin) was of a Hispanic like dissent (In Silent I really don't have names for those since it takes place in another world)
I won't spoil any more....

You'll have to find out after it get's made into a show or after I pitch it?
Art and characters (C) me
Illegitimate child
Oh so  I'm changing things up in my story a bit... might not spoil but Zoe is not Rubin's sister anymore... More like a lover he had a affair with while with stephanie. Zeth's real mom is Zoe but his father IS Rubin. Been mixing things up a lot due to fixing badly thought up plot holes I had in the past... Rubin was born in Silent has a twin brother named Jefferson and another brother I will spoil in my next drawing (but you already know his younger brother though hmm?)
Xzcc by Freakly-Silent
Honestly after receiving this ask I'm quite fine. :} 
Just going to move on. Disabled anon asks though.


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
-Currently pitching my cartoon idea to frederator studios-

Yo mate's my name is Freakly-show!
aka Emily.C

These things I enjoy
Steam-punk and old fansioned 19th century shit, drawing cartoons and making comics, video games such as Fable game series, Spyro series, cartoons such as Invader Zim,Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, and Flap Jack and other stuff I'm too lazy to type out. Movies by Tim Burton.
Books like JK Rowling's Harry Potter and other books steam-punk and fantasy novels.

I also have a webcomic under hiatus called Mia the Locui of Silent which get's updates whenever I feel like updating it. :}
Reason is it's getting pitched into a series hopefully. -currently working on the animated beatboard-

Things I hate:
Explaining things I hate is what I hate.
Anyways enjoy my gallery and all that jazz. :}

Link, obey me or I'll make the enemy take away your hearts..... Wind waker is a great game but.... wonky controls and camera make things a bit hard. *Using game cube version btw*

The camera is the thing that makes me angry
in the game
mostly when fighting main bosses or climbing things.

Fav out of the three 

14 deviants said Mimi
7 deviants said Norman
4 deviants said Sam

Comment reply notice:

If I don't reply for a long time or right away to your comments, PLEASE, please don't take it on a personal level.
I've severally anti social online and tend to wait till I feel like I need to reply. I'm too also busy or lazy to reply but can when I do.

Please take your time to enjoy my gallery and I'll get back to your comments when I can! :heart: Love you all!




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